Monday, April 30, 2007

Kuma - A3222896

Hi, my name is Kuma! I am a male Shepherd mix. I have shots and a microchip and I am neutered so I am ready to be adopted today. Right now I live in C248.

I am huge - quite overweight. I need exercise so badly. But I am a calm sweet boy. Tonight Susan the dog lady entered my cage for the first time - up to now we have been greeting each other through my cage door. She furminated my coat, which I really enjoyed, she fed me a few treats - just a few, since I'm chubby - as she furminated me. There was so much fur that she had to get a bag to collect it all so the drains won't get clogged!

She did manage to take me out and we walked around the shelter a few times. She took me out back to see if I would chase a ball but I didn't act interested. After closing time, she ran Slick around the shelter so many times she worked up a sweat. She thinks she'll try to do something like that for me, in order to increase my exercise. Oh boy, I can't wait!