Monday, August 13, 2007

A3712367 - Violet

Hi, my name is Violet. I am a Beagle Pit Bull mix. I was brought in as a stray on August 13 so technically I'm not yet available for adoption. The kennel card does not show my age but Susan the dog lady thinks I can't be much older than a year. Right now I live in C139.

I am a little frightened being here, with all these crazy dogs barking, and tonight, thankfully, was the slowest night that Susan the dog lady had since getting back from vacation, so she had time to take me out! We went out to the back play area where I could sniff around, and Susan took another photo of me to show the freckles on my muzzle.

I sure hope my owner finds me. But there are a lot of dogs here that are available for adoption now. Won't you come on down and visit us and say hello?