Monday, August 27, 2007

Snowball - A3717549

My name is Snowball, and I am a 1 year old male Husky mix. I was brought in as a stray on August 24, so I'm not officially available for adoption yet. Right now I live in C223.

Tonight Susan and I met for the first time. I am a touch shy. Susan was amused because when she presented a dog treat to me, I'd come up to her, take it out of her hand, then retreat to the other side of the kennel to eat it. I did that several times.

By the way, pit bulls have been getting lots of bad press lately, and I have lots of great neighbors here at the pound who are pit bulls. The newspapers don't tell you how smart pit bulls are and how loving they can be. The newspapers don't tell you about the pit bulls who save lives and work as therapy, rescue, and drug enforcement dogs.

It's a sad state of affairs that probably close to 50% of the dogs at the Carson shelter get euthanized, and the vast majority of them are pit bulls - but that's how things are. By adopting a dog at the pound and taking one of us home, you'll be sparing a life and making more room for all the dogs - pit bulls and others - crowded in here. So please come on down and say hello, and if you can't adopt a dog, encourage a friend to do so.