Monday, August 27, 2007

Noodle - A3718040 and Winston - A3716152

Hi! I'm Noodle. That's what Susan the dog lady named me tonight. I am an 11 month old male tri-color beagle mix. Well, that's what my kennel card says, but Susan thinks I could be pure beagle. I was brought in as a stray on August 25, so I'm not officially available for adoption yet. Maybe my owner will find me. I live with my roommate Winston toward the back of building 3.

It turns out Susan has some really YUMMY dog treats - beef, liver, chicken, salmon, and some grain-free dog cookies. You can see in the second picture here that I'm sitting at attention, just waiting to get another treat!

My roommate Winston is a 3 month old male pit bull mix. Well his kennel card says 3 months but Susan thinks he could be a little older. He was owner surrendered on August 22. He's a little bit shy, but is willing to take treats.

The kennels are very crowded with dogs and many cages have multiple dogs. Susan spent a lot of time tonight hosing out part of building 3 so that the dogs would have clean places to lie down. They sure could use good homes. Won't you come down and say hello and consider adopting a dog here? For your $38 adoption fee, we get spayed or neutered, we get shots and a microchip implant!