Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A3728659 - Sunny

My name is Sunny. I just came in today, September 19, as a stray. I am a three year old male Golden Retriever mix, but Susan the dog lady thinks I look like a pure retriever. Right now I am in building 3.

When Susan and I met, my eyes were so crusted over that she used three baby wipes to clear them. My fur is a little matted in places too, so Susan thinks I may have been out for a few days.

I wasn't sure at first how to walk on a leash with a choke chain, but Susan tethered me to her waist, then kept praising me whenever I didn't pull, and before you know it, we were walking around the shelter together like old chums.

There are lots of dogs here in need of loving homes. Please come down to the shelter and consider adopting one of us, and if you can't, tell your friends about us!