Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Charlene gets a bath!

Hi! I'm Charlene, remember me? I've been here since June 27. I was owner surrendered. I am a seven year old lab mix.

At first, I was a little scared and shy. But I'm used to the shelter now. I've roomed with a lot of puppies, and some of them have been kind of bratty! I like to bark a greeting at everybody I know when they walk by. I bark at Susan the dog lady a lot!

I was taken to a few pet fairs, and in the confusion of shuffling dogs around, I've now been moved to C219.

When Susan first started working with me, I was kind of hard to walk, because I was scared and I kept pulling my head to the ground. Susan had to literally push my chin up and have me walk that way - with her bent over, walking with her hand under my chin as we walked together. Now when I walk with Susan, my head is up and it's no big deal.

Tonight Susan finally got around to giving me a bath! She had been wanting to do it for a while, and tonight she found a flea on me. Because I had some sort of skin condition, she especially wanted to bathe those affected areas with a medicated shampoo. She was hoping the bath would stop some of my itching too.

Susan thought I was very very good during the bath. I did not try struggling to get away. I got a basic shampoo, then flea shampoo, and finally medicated shampoo, followed by creme rinse and a final rinsing with some vinegar. I smelled clean afterwards!