Sunday, September 02, 2007

Barney - A3713829

Hi, my name is Barney! I am a one year old male Shepherd mix. I have been here since August 16. I live in C341 with Canela.

I am a friendly dog and I can live in a cage with another dog. But I am a shy boy. Susan the dog lady and I got to get acquainted today. I didn't want to leave the cage because all those barking dogs made me nervous! She finally had to lift my butt out to get me to come out.

It was really hard for Susan to get me to the back play area. She didn't coax, or sooth, or baby talk me - she just gently but forcefully pulled me back there. I didn't want to move!

But once we were back there, it wasn't so bad. We started walking around, and Susan let me "lead" since I was so hesitant to walk on leash. She let me sniff some dirty laundry - hmm, that was interesting! And we walked around a little bit around the kennels. It was hard, but we did it!

I am a nice boy, and I need a home. And I need somebody who will have a little patience with me. Won't you please come down to Carson and adopt one of us?