Sunday, September 02, 2007

Sophie - A3718640

Hi! Susan the dog lady named me Sophie. I came in as a stray on August 27, and Myra showed Susan the condition I was in. I had a sore on the side of my face that looked swollen and appeared to be getting infected. There is also a small hole in the bridge of my nose. Myra and Susan think that maybe I tangled with a cat. Anyway, I am female chihuahua mix, about 5 months old. Right now I live in C133.

I'm doing a whole lot better now. Susan's been feeding me extra moist food with vegetable powder, garlic and kelp, to pump up my nutrition, because I am pretty skinny. And the sore on my face is getting better.

Susan gave me a flea dip and shampoo on Friday. So now my coat is silky soft and smells good.

I am a friendly girl. I share a cage with a number of other small dogs. Please come on down to the Carson shelter and say hello!