Sunday, September 02, 2007

Canela - A3714420

Hi! My kennel card says "Canela" and to be honest Susan the dog lady isn't sure if that's my name or not! I am a three year old male Golden Retriever mix. I was brought in by my owner on August 17 and my owner requested euthanasia. Susan does not know why.

I live with Barney in C341 so I get along with other dogs just fine. And I don't have any obvious weird disease that could be contagious to other dogs. Susan didn't see anything wrong with me!

It was really hot today. Susan clipped my ruff and neck a bit hoping that it would cool me off. I didn't mind at all. There was quite a pile of hair on the laundry room floor when we were done!

Lots of dogs are doubled up here. Sometimes cages with small dogs contain five or six dogs. But even medium sized dogs are getting tripled up. There are so many of us who desperately need homes! At the Carson shelter, you get a great deal! For $38, we come with spaying or neutering, shots, and microchip implant. So if you are thinking of adopting, please make a visit to the Carson shelter a high priority. Thank you!