Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Blitz - A3731021

My name is Blitz. I was owner surrendered on September 25. I am a 7 year old male Shepherd / Chow mix. Right now I live in C345.

Susan the dog lady and I met for the first time tonight. She noticed my bloody tail, so she ran and got some baby wipes. She wiped my face, and she tried to wipe my tail to see if it was still bleeding. It was, so she put in a request for the vet to check me.

An older dog can often make a great pet. We're usually house-trained, and a lot of us know some doggy manners.

You get a great deal when you adopt from the shelter. For $38, a dog comes spayed or neutered, gets the standard shots, and gets a microchip implant. If you want to adopt a dog, please come on down and say hi!