Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Bambam - A3481824

My name is Bambam. I am a female German Shepherd mix, about 2 years and 4 months old. I recently had puppies. I was owner surrendered on November 8. Right now I live in C219. I am a small to medium sized dog - I'm not very big.

I've been afraid of everyone and everything since I got here. Susan the dog lady noticed me on Sunday night, came in to my cage, got a working collar and leash on me, and got me out of my kennel. I was reluctant to leave at first, but she got me out. She also gave me some treats.

Tonight she came in and got me again. This time I eagerly left my kennel. We walked around some more.

Susan noticed what looked like a flea hanging off my fur. So she decided to try giving me a bath. She thought I'd totally freak, but I didn't! I kind of liked all the attention.

Susan used electric clippers to trim my ruff a little, then she gave me a basic shampooing and a flea shampooing, then a creme rinse and a final rinse with a little vinegar in the water. After toweling me off thoroughly she got out a blow dryer to help dry me off some more. I didn't flinch at all! I totally accepted the clippers, the bath, and the blow dryer. Susan says I am one of the best dogs she has ever bathed!

Susan is working on getting me over my fears. Myra the shelter aid thinks I am afraid of people in uniforms. Susan thinks I am a good dog, and that it doesn't take much effort to help me get over my fears. Won't you come down and say hello?