Sunday, December 09, 2007

Jilly - A3748230

Hi, my name is Jilly! I am a 1 year old blonde German Shepherd mix, brought in on November 5 as a stray. Right now I live in C221.

Susan was busy doing tons of laundry in the back, so it was kind of dark by the time she took me out. We went in the back play area, and she let me chase some squeaky toys. She walked me around the shelter a few times, and I thought the loose roosters were pretty cool! I wanted to chase them, but Susan wouldn't let me. Finally, she took me in to the laundry room. I just plopped down on the dog bed Tricia was on, and I stayed there while Susan started another load of laundry.

Susan says I am a beautiful, friendly girl. Unfortunately, when Susan came in to my cage, I didn't mind my doggy manners very well. I jump a lot, and I probably scratched Susan a little. She just turned her back to me and ignored me until I settled down a bit, so she could slip on a training collar. That's what Susan always does when a dog greets her like that.

I've been here too long and I would love to have a new home with somebody who will train me to greet people politely. Please come down and say hi! There are lots of great dogs here and we'd love to be in a home for Christmas. Won't you come down and say hi to us, or donate to the Los Angeles County shelters?