Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Kerry - A3758429

Hi! My name is Kerry. I am a one year old male white German Shepherd mix. I came in December 3 as a stray. Right now I live in C227, next to another pure white dog.

I am quite shy. When Susan came in to my cage, I would come forward to take treats from her hand, but then back away to eat them! Eventually I came to her, and she put a collar around my neck and took me out.

I wasn't real used to walking with a training collar on a leash, but Susan took me around a few times, and I settled down. She let me sniff the dirty towels in the laundry room, which was a treat!

A lady stopped Susan to ask for help looking for her lost dog. Susan put me back in my kennel so she could help the lady, but forgot she left one of my doors open. I got out! I got to explore a little bit. Susan followed me slowly, then offered me some treats, and she was able to get me back in to my kennel. It was a fun night!