Sunday, December 02, 2007

Brenda - A3756626

Susan the dog lady named me Brenda. I am a black and white Labrador Retriever mix, about 2 years old. I came in as a stray on November 28 with a puppy that looks a bit like me. We live in building 2.

I don't like being kenneled very much. I "argue" with the dog next door to me a lot! Susan was wondering if I was as tough as my bark indicated. So she came in to the kennel to get me and I shut up immediately.

I walk very well on a leash. Susan walked me around the shelter several times. She thought my coat looked a little dusty so she ran the furminator down around the base of my tail. And she found fleas! She said, "Brenda, you're getting a bath!" Uh oh! I hate baths!

The sudsing part wasn't so bad, but I hated getting water on me! What kind of Labrador am I anyway?!? Susan said that at least I didn't cry and whine while we were in the grooming room. Man, I got water all over the place though. Susan got soaked. But she got me clean! And I really liked being toweled off.

I don't like being locked up here in a kennel. I can be a pretty good dog if I have enough exercise and attention. Please come down and say howdy!