Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Dogs of Carson have a message for the public...

Hello! We want to thank you for all your donations! The Carson shelter is being inundated with blankets, far more than the shelter can use. So please - keep your blankets, or maybe take them to another animal shelter or donate them to a rescue! If you happen to have an old blanket or two that you want to give to Carson, fantastic, but right now there is no great need for big loads of blankets.

The stories in the news about dogs freezing to death are highly misleading. Because of these stories and the resulting inundation of blankets, staff and volunteer resources that would otherwise go toward showing animals to the public or otherwise caring for dogs have had to be diverted to cleaning out storage rooms and finding places to put these blankets.

Each kennel has a heating vent and the shelter blows warm air through those vents every night. In addition, shelter doors are closed after closing to help keep warm air in.

We have plenty of boxes of toys, lots of balls, and food and treats. If you would like to help us out, please donate things like liquid detergent (preferably unscented) and liquid bleach to help us keep caught up on our laundry. Newspapers are always appreciated for the cat cages. Most valuable of all would be the gift of your time. Perhaps you could become a volunteer. Even if you can't spend time here at the shelter, perhaps you can foster an animal in your home.

You can find out more about volunteer opportunities here. Be sure to get in touch with Ken Kramer. Thanks so much for your gifts, and have a great holiday!