Friday, December 21, 2007

Rico - A3717478

Hi! My name is Rico, and I am a 5 month old male Labrador/Beagle mix, according to my kennel card. Right now I live in C236. I was brought in December 3 as a stray. My card says Hold, but if you're interested in me you should ask about me anyway.

When Susan the dog lady came in to my cage to get acquainted, I greeted her with a lot of rambunctious jumping. Normally when that happens, Susan stands in the corner and turns her back to the dog. But she felt my claws catch on the pockets of her pants and she was afraid I would shred her clothes. So she turned around and raised her knee toward her chest each time I jumped. After she did that about 3 times, I got the message.

I wasn't easy to take out of the cage. I am not used to walking on leash with a training collar very well, but Susan would just stand in place until I would settle down, then take a few steps forward at a time. Eventually, we got to the back. If I started jumping again, Susan would keep the leash very short and just lower her hand closest to my head toward the ground, pulling the leash down with it.

Susan treats all the dogs she takes out to a laundry room excursion to smell the dirty laundry, and I was no exception.

Susan just LOVES this last photo of me. You see, I was sitting nicely instead of jumping, and Susan praised me lavishly and gave me many treats. My transformation from an unruly jumper to a pretty sitter was fast!

The Carson shelter will be open from 9 AM to 4 PM on Christmas Eve day. Please come down and look at the many wonderful dogs that are available for adoption!