Friday, December 21, 2007

Zippy - A3764825

Susan the dog lady calls me Zippy. I came in today, December 21, as a stray. I was totally freaked out and I was trying to snap at Al, the kennel attendant.

Christy the vet tech asked Susan to wash me, as I seem to have "stress flakes" in my fur. I didn't like the bath at all. I struggled a bit, but Susan managed to bathe me. I did not even try to bite her.

I enjoyed the toweling off. Susan said I looked quite handsome! Susan then walked me around the shelter a little to let me dry off some more. I was quite headstrong on the leash, so Susan put a tiny training collar on me, and with a little more practice I got used to it.

Right now I am living in C218. I am still freaked out by all the barking noises here and I am even shy about approaching Susan. Please come down and say hello to me!